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Carry-On Only (Onebag) Travel Tips for Women | Makeup

The one bag (henceforth known as ‘onebag’) single carry-on travel scene is dominated by men. As the female half of a onebag travel backpack couple who’ve been traveling long term for over two years, I’ve picked up a few tips along the way. If you’re a woman looking for onebag travel tips, DIYs, and how-tos, keep on reading. This article is focused on makeup, but don’t miss the packing, clothing, accessories, feminine hygiene, and toiletry tips articles!

City Guide to Krakow, Poland: Part 4 | Visiting Auschwitz Concentration Camps, Travel Tips & Tourist Information

At first, we struggled a bit to understand the options available for visiting Auschwitz and how to subsequently reserve tickets online, especially the self-guided, non-tour tickets. With that in mind, we hope our experience and tips can help you reserve your preferred tickets ahead of time so you’re able to experience the Auschwitz concentration camps via your preferred method. 

Long-Term Travel Hack #3: Keeping Yourself and Your Belongings Safer

Staying safe and protecting your belongings while traveling is important. As long-term digital nomad travelers this is magnified because we’re always in new places with new surroundings. Plus, just about everything we own is in our single carry-on travel backpack. Through research hand experience we've come up with some tips, tricks and hacks to make long-term, light weight traveling possible and safer.