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The Ultimate Guide to House Sitting Jobs: Part 5 | Finishing Up, Helpful Reviews, and Lessons Learned

House Sitting: It’s not done until it’s done. In other words, you’ve completed a house sitting job and taken great care of the home and pets, but there’s still a bit more to do. Turning the home and pets back over to the homeowner, submitting reviews, and saying goodbye are still ahead of you. Read on for our tips on wrapping everything up, including leaving a great last impression and receiving and submitting helpful house sitting reviews.

The Ultimate Guide to House Sitting Jobs: Part 4 | How to Plan & Have a Great House Sitting Experience

After more than 40 house sitting jobs we’ve picked up several tips and tricks on how to make the house sitting experience a great one, for both us and the homeowner. It starts with a great profile, a well written application, good communication, and continues through the actual house sitting job. Read on to see step by step what we do to try and make every house sit a good one!

The Ultimate Guide to House Sitting Jobs: Part 3 | Searching, Applying, & Getting a Great One!

If you’re looking to house sit full time, occasionally, or just want to try it out for the first time, being able to find a great house sitting job is important. Having completed 40 house sitting jobs we’ve perfected our methods through many ‘lessons learned’ and are sharing our tips and tricks to find a great house sit, apply for it, and get it!

The Ultimate Mattress Run | Hacking Hotel Rewards for Free Rooms with Hilton!

Learn how we took travel award hacking to the extreme and got 41 hotel room nights free with Hilton using hotel rewards and promotions. And, we’re not just talking zero cash out of pocket, we used less than 65 reward points per night on a normally 5,000 point room. Not only did we essentially stay free, we also extended our Hilton Honors Diamond Status for another year!