Where to Go? Vienna Vs Prague Vs Krakow

Little did we know that our travels had taken a surprising twist of fate. Oddly enough, without even knowing it, we’d set off to visit three ‘competing’ European tourist cities in short succession. It wasn’t our plan, we didn’t even know there was a behind-the-scenes rivalry between them; it just worked out that our travels would take us on a route through all three cities.

City Guide to Prague: Must See Sights

Prague is known as a city of cobblestone with magical architecture, unique artwork, and an enormous castle. It’s high on many travel destination lists and was one of the first central and eastern European cities to westernize after the fall of the Iron Curtain. The city embraced western culture while holding strong to its historical charm, creating a melting pot of old and new.

Visiting Auschwitz Concentration Camps: Tips and Tickets

At first, we struggled a bit to understand the options available for visiting Auschwitz and how to subsequently reserve tickets online, especially the self-guided, non-tour tickets. With that in mind, we hope our experience and tips can help you reserve your preferred tickets ahead of time so you’re able to experience the Auschwitz concentration camps via your preferred method. 

Visiting Auschwitz Concentration Camps: Our Experience

Most visitors to Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II-Birkenau know the history of the two camps, likely from the multitude of books, documentaries, and other educational pieces that have been created. Instead of discussing the history, we’re going to take this opportunity to share our experience at the camps through our pictures, as there are no words that will fully capture the meaning and emotions behind the camps and the atrocities that took place there. 

City Guide to Krakow: Must See Attractions and Exploring

Many argue that no visit to Poland is complete without time spent in Krakow. It’s described as a magical, fairy tale city that’s not only beautiful but inexpensive and full of great food. For us, traveling first to Warsaw and then continuing south to Krakow, we wanted to see and experience one of Poland’s most visited cities, but we also knew Krakow to be the gateway to the concentration camps, Auschwitz-Birkenau.

City Guide to Warsaw: Public Transportation

We like to be prepared so we did our due diligence and researched Warsaw’s public transportation system ahead of time. We feel competent with public transportation in general, and while some cities may be similar to each other, when it comes to the details, every public transportation system and network is different.