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About Us

Our blog is meant to document our journey of continual long-term travel, becoming digital nomads, and pursuing financially independent/retire early (FI/RE). It’s full of ideas, tips, and solutions. Join us on our journey, as over time we'll share our challenges, our stories, our goals, and our lessons learned.

And let's be honest, our website isn't for everyone.

We travel light (less than 15 lbs in a 36 L backpack) and we never check bags. We've been known to do our own laundry for weeks on end and rarely eat out. Between house sits and hotel awards you'll rarely find us paying for lodging.

If we can't walk to it we'll take a bus or a train and we only rent a car for epic road trips. There are too many places in the world begging to be explored, so we walk every path and see all there is to see before moving on to a new destination.

We're extreme and analytical. We write what we know and what we've experienced and with a detail that we as readers wish we could find more of.

More About Us

We’re husband and wife and lucky enough to be best friends. Somehow, we found each other in this chaotic, yet beautiful world and are a perfect match. Where one of us lacks, the other makes up.

We see merit in improving our faults and support each other in the effort. We both strive for continual improvement and live a life full of small actions, small choices and small decisions that have big impacts on our lives. We believe in education by books and by life. We’ve been called frugal, minimalists, environmentalists, and adventurists.  We like to think of ourselves as different, as outliers.