Where to Go? Vienna Vs Prague Vs Krakow

Where to Go? Vienna Vs Prague Vs Krakow

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Little did we know that our travels had taken a surprising twist of fate. Oddly enough, without even knowing it, we’d set off to visit three ‘competing’ European tourist cities in short succession. It wasn’t our plan, we didn’t even know there was a behind-the-scenes rivalry between Vienna, Prague, and Krakow; it just worked out that our travels would take us on a route through all three cities.

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Three Great Cities

Apparently, Vienna and Prague aren’t only close in distance, but often compared by tourists and locals alike. The rivalry from what we can tell has good intentions, but surely also driven by a sense of pride and competition. Each city boasts its charm, beauty, history, and architecture as being the reason it’s the best European tourist destination that should be on every traveler’s bucket list.

While the competition between Vienna, Austria and Prague, Czech Republic seems to be well known, Krakow, Poland has quietly snuck into the race and is slowly making itself known as a prime player in the European tourist game. It turns out Krakow offers much of the same charm, architecture, and history, however with fewer crowds and a lower price tag. And so, the initial rivalry between two cities seems to have become a friendly one between three!


Each city was a unique and magnificent experience! Pictures on the left are of Prague, Czech Republic, in the center of Vienna, Austria, and on the right of Krakow, Poland.


We feel quite fortunate to be able to visit all three cities, especially nearly one after another!

If you’ve been following us along, you’ll know that we keep our itinerary as flexible as possible so that we can take advantage of opportunities as they arise. Over the last nine months, this has afforded us the ability to visit places we never thought we’d be able to.

We were graciously invited to house sit in both Vienna and Prague, and in between the two house sits we had a few weeks unplanned, which is often the case between house sits. That's actually the beauty of it, as we’re then able to fill in the gaps with our own wandering and exploration. We fill in these gaps by finding the most logical destinations, weighed against desire to visit, and overall costs (travel cost, cost of living, and cost of lodging)

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In our opinion, we found Poland (Warsaw and Krakow) to be a fantastic destination between our house sits in Vienna and Prague. Without knowing any of the rivalry or competition between the three cities, we booked travel for Vienna, Krakow, and Prague (with a stop in Warsaw before Krakow). Thus, we unknowingly set up the perfect itinerary for a comparison between the three cities that claim to be the best tourist destination for travelers who wish to step into and loose themselves in a fairytale-esq city within the Europe.

While we’re too polite to declare a winner (although Sergio preferred Vienna and Shannon preferred Warsaw), we welcome you to explore each city through our eyes, and maybe venture to declare a winner yourself. On the other hand, maybe you already have a favorite, so don’t be shy, comment and let us know!

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