A Method To Our Travel Madness

A Method To Our Travel Madness

There are different ways to approach travel, from fast paced to slow. There are arguments for both approaches, and right now we’re trying to figure out what will work best for us.

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What We’re Pondering Right Now…

We're embarking on a huge and significant traveling adventure. As we begin to think what this year around Europe will look like, we have many things to consider.

We’ve figured out what the best carry-on bag is for us is and we’re starting to perfect our gear and packing lists. But there always seems to more things to consider and figure out.

Here’s what is currently on our mind...

How to Travel: Fast or Slow

  • We have one year (approximately)

  • We'll be traveling within Europe

  • We want amazing, unforgettable and life changing experiences!

Our Travel Style Options

No Stone Left Unturned

We can travel each country thoroughly, with the idea that once we visit a country we likely won’t be coming back.

This means taking the time it takes to experience as much of the country as we want; traveling cities large and small. We’re thinking that in practice this means that a country could take a month to experience (+/- a week or two). So, in a year we could visit 10-14 countries.

Shock and Awe

Travel as much of Europe as possible, hitting the big cities and major attractions with the idea that one day we’ll be back to the region.

This means forgoing some cities and places we may want to see. In practice, this means that a country could be done in a couple of weeks, visiting only a few major cities. So, in a year, we could visit 25+ countries.

Final Thoughts

We’d love to have final thoughts here, but we’re still debating what approach to take. Plus, the more we talk about this, the more we realize that it may be best to travel the opportunity, not the destination.

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