City Guide to Krakow: Must See Attractions and Exploring

Many argue that no visit to Poland is complete without time spent in Krakow. It’s described as a magical, fairy tale city that’s not only beautiful but inexpensive and full of great food. For us, traveling first to Warsaw and then continuing south to Krakow, we wanted to see and experience one of Poland’s most visited cities, but we also knew Krakow to be the gateway to the concentration camps, Auschwitz-Birkenau.

City Guide to Warsaw: Public Transportation

We like to be prepared so we did our due diligence and researched Warsaw’s public transportation system ahead of time. We feel competent with public transportation in general, and while some cities may be similar to each other, when it comes to the details, every public transportation system and network is different.

The Comforts of Home We Miss While On the Road

We embarked on this year of travel, knowing that many of the comforts of home we’d grown accustom to wouldn't be available on our trip. Either the sheer circumstance of not being in our own home, or the fact that our bags can only fit so much stuff, meant that we were going to need to manage without a lot of 'stuff' we were used to having for the next year or so. Of course, we knew this going into it, so it wasn't a surprise to us.

Things to Know When Visiting Bucharest, Romania

We spent a month living in Bucharest, Romania and a few weeks traveling through Transylvania. During our time there, we learned how to get by as tourists and as ‘locals’. With the goal of experiencing the country to its fullest, with everything it has to offer, yet saving money where possible, we learned a lot about Bucharest and Transylvania, Romania.