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Our Budget for 1 Year of Continual Travel Abroad | 3 Continents, 23 Countries, and 60 Cities… and You Spent How Much?!

Our budget as a couple for one year of continual travel abroad might astound you! We’ve included all of our expenses, like health insurance, hotels and lodging, food, plane tickets, buses and trains, sightseeing, tours, etc. So, if you want to know how much we spent for a full year, or if you simply want to learn our budget tips, read on!

Long-Term Travel Hack #3: Keeping Yourself and Your Belongings Safer

Staying safe and protecting your belongings while traveling is important. As long-term digital nomad travelers this is magnified because we’re always in new places with new surroundings. Plus, just about everything we own is in our single carry-on travel backpack. Through research hand experience we've come up with some tips, tricks and hacks to make long-term, light weight traveling possible and safer.